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I am communications and marketing professional. I'm expert in digital marketing, communications, public relations and crisis management. Before that, I worked as close protection officer with background in bodyguard training.

In my professional career I was marketeer, community manager, strategist, consultant, assistant and as a result, I have a unique ability do manage multi-disciplinary projects and business.

Sometimes I deliver keynote speeches and lectures on conferences and in business schools not only in Croatia, but in region.

As a co-founder of www.mobile-place.info , I gained great experience in working in young and small startup environment. From 2008. we build a great project and product, and I am proud of every step in that journey. Today, mobile-place.info is a gold media partner of GSMA Mobile World Congress and very successful media.

As an a mentor, I am mentoring and advising young startup companies.

Sometimes they ask me to speak on conferences, so I often speak not only in Croatia, but in region. Some of the conferences on which I spoke are OMG Commerce, E-Trgovina, Tvitomanija etc.

Web::Strategija- visitors of Web::Strategija 13 conference gave me grade 4.0 which put me on the Top 5 speakers list with other distinguish speakers.

You can follow me on Twitter @zriha

I am also a Google Analytics and AdWords certified.

* Public and Media Relations
* Community Management
* Social Media Strategy and Marketing
* Project management
* Internal and External Communications
* Partner, Client, and Stakeholder Relations
* Seminars, Tradeshows and Client Events
* Lecturing on Social Media and PR
* Security management
* VIP protection consultation

Favorite quote: "
Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

About me profile:

LinkedIn profile:http://www.linkedin.com/in/zeljkoriha

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Professional organizations which I am member:
Croatian Public Relations Association, London Diplomatic Academy, Croatian Robotics Association, Croatian  United Nations Association


Mobile phone: 00385 99 44 41 122
E-mail: zeljko.riha@gmail.com
Skype: zeljko.riha.ciom

HRH Prince Leonard I. bestowed me with the rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning , Knight Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit and Knight Commander of the Royal Order.


I am member of Principality of Hutt River Diplomatic Corps. Several years ago, I started to work honorary for Principality of Hutt River, and HRH Prince Leonard Sovereign appointed me as Hon. Special Envoy.

Today, I am on Royal Commission with diplomatic rank of Hon. High Representative to Central Europe and Balkans.
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and you have inquiries about Principality of Hutt River, please contact my office on this e-mail: phr.croatia@principality-hutt-river.com
For any questions please visit Goverment contact page  http://www.principality-hutt-river.org/gov/contacts/index.htm