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As marketing and communications professional, I worked with some of the largest companies in the region. As one of pioneers of social media communications, I had a opportunity to setup a lot of social media strategies. In time of crises I was often called for help in executing and developing crisis communication strategy.

Some of my partners (clients) that I worked with: HTC Corp, Amis Telecom, TUI Russia, Nissan Croatia, Styria Media Group etc.

Recommendations that I picked up:

Nenad Motika
Director of business sales at Amis telekom d.o.o.

"Željko is experienced communicator who created excellent community relationship between Amis Telekom and its customers."

Petra Razic Rogic
Area Manager North Adriatic Region HTC Corporation

"I was working with Željko Riha in Hewlett Packard and occasionally but more closely in last 2,5 years I am in HTC. He was helping in the beginning with community management and PR stuff a lot. All work has been done effectively and quickly, in very professional manner. Cooperation with Željko was outstanding and I would certainly recommend him."

What services do I offer?

- Strategic communication planing
- Crisis Management
- Crisis Communication
- Political marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Search Engine Marketing
- Business consultancy

I've spoken on many conferences, and I was a guest lecturer for several business schools. So one of my services is also public speaking and lecturing.

Social media marketing and community management:

- writing a social media marketing strategy
- social media promotions
- creating social media advertising campaigns
- social media monitoring
- copywriting
- 24h/7 support

For professional agency help, I recommend Kanapejic communications. As management adviser at Kanapejic Communications, I often work with clients.